Leftover Mac and Cheese

Sometimes I am amazed what I find when I google a few simple words – say like “Kraft Mac and cheese balls”.  See, I am on a mission to clean out my freezer and pantry – strictly cooking from these areas and not doing any big grocery shopping until they are cleaned out.  It’s not like they are over stuffed, but I feel the need to purge.

So……as any pantry in a home with young children, ours has more than a few boxes of mac and cheese.  Wanting to do something fun and different with the leftovers I google “Kraft mac and cheese balls” and ran across another great food blog No Recipes and a recipe to boot for Fried Mac and Cheese Balls.  Let me just say in a word YUM!  I didn’t have any half and half around the house, so I used skim milk and it worked just fine.  One of the girls even helped me make them – she chose (I chose) the job of rolling the balls of Mac and Cheese in flour – perfect job for a 3 year old.

Marc Matsumoto who writes the blog is (in addition to other things) a food photographer – his pic is better – ok much better.  Anywho, thumbs up from the girls and me!

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